Suite13 LAB is a fashion brand, with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We don’t shout it from the rooftops, make false promises, or use empty words – we just get on with it, striving to protect the environment in our project which designs clothes in Majorca, manufactures them in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and India, and dresses women from all round the world.

Our creativity and passion are inspired by the Mediterranean - the stunning light it gives off, the bright, contrasting colours of the sea and land, and the ocean breeze caressing your face – all these elements come together to inspire stunning garments made from environmentally-friendly organic materials.


We wonder what would happen if everyone stopped making excuses, and if being sustainable was as normal as brushing your teeth. If we prioritised quality over quantity, and if sustainability and fashion went hand in hand. The answers to these questions light the creative spark inside us, and we strive to do our bit for a cause which affects everyone.

We are delighted to show you a new way of doing things, powered by commitment, optimism, and plenty of fun.