Our Story

Suite13 LAB’s visible and creative figureheads are Maria (Majorca) and Alexia (Pamplona). We studied Fashion in Barcelona, where we both lived, worked, and socialised for over ten years. Despite travelling a lot on business at this time, we snatched brief moments between flights, boarding gate queues and meetings, to share ideas about what we liked and moreover what we didn’t like about fashion.

When life brought Maria back to Majorca, we decided to use our energy and passion for design to create a new joint-venture, rather than go our separate ways. How about it? After long afternoons spent chatting, a fair few doubts, a lot of effort and, of course plenty of humour, we sowed the seed of Suite13 LAB.


Once we were both settled on the island, we started working in a warehouse that also served as an office and is now our beautiful shop. We now employ a team of professionals who make it possible for us to produce in four different countries and sell in one hundred points of sale. It is plain to see that we have grown and flourished: in Majorca, our small team has grown into a close-knit family, and we now have our own office and have swapped brief conversations in airports for creative gatherings in parks while our children play. However, one thing remains clear: our values and inspiration is always at the forefront of what we do.



What you see is what you get with us, and we believe in the way we do things. The certificates we use are printed on our garments, explaining where our raw materials come from, the production processes, and much more. We will even tell you how we light our offices and where we buy the furniture for our shop, because we understand that holistic sustainability is in everything that we do.


The roots of Suite13 LAB are fed and watered by care for our employees, respect for the environment and our surroundings: protecting the seas that we swim in and the land that we cultivate. For this reason, every decision we make must either respect our surroundings or be discarded.



We have made it this far thanks to our global team. When we travel to India, Turkey, Portugal, or Catalonia, we enjoy spending time with our manufacturers and workers, sharing experiences and stories, and learning from each other. We have created positive, beautiful, and personal synergies with them and with our customers in Palma, making all our efforts worthwhile.


We are like old-fashioned scales, each contributing just the right amount at all times to get the perfect balance. During the creative process, we pool our ideas to get the best out of each other, even if we are sat on our lounge floor surrounded by kid’s clutter. We know that if you’re having fun at work, you will perform better, so we enjoy watching our shared ideas take shape until we get the final product.