Two ways of
Honest clothes


Two lines with the
same objective:
to create beautiful
and honest
clothing for women.

The style of Suite 13 is confident,
and doesn’t follow the trends,
always searching for original styles,
and new respectful fabrics that allow
us to create unique garments.
Suite 13 is produced locally
in the Barcelona area,
giving priority to ecological fabrics,
sustainability and respect
for both people and our planet.

Suite 13
arises from
From the need to
create and produce
fashion in a
different way


Organic wear for an everday comfort.
Its design is casual and easy to wear
simply because we want to help
more and more women incorporate
comfortable and sustainable clothing
in their day to day wardrobe.
Heaven lab is produced in
India and Turkey using organic fibres
certified under the GOTS scheme.


Heaven lab
was born to make
organic fashion